The Central London Lacrosse Juniors consist of players of various levels.  Therefore, there are two training sessions taking place at the same time. The girls are divided into Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced, which allows the coaches to focus on the needs of each particular group and ensures that the club members benefit from the appropriate level of coaching. 


As the girls from the Beginners group become stronger in their playing skills, they are moved into the Intermediate/Advanced group. Also, whenever possible, all girls are given the opportunity to play in team matches.




Rosebowl is a development league in which players from 14+ can take part. It is a great opportunity for younger players to mix with senior team players in the Central London Lacrosse Club. There are usually 2-3 games in a morning of Rosebowl. In previous years, eligible Junior players have enjoyed the opportunity of playing with more experienced players from our Senior team.


There are three days of tournaments throughout the Autumn/Spring season, which are hosted at our home pitch at Regents Park.


The dates for the 2017/2018 season: 5th November, 18th February, 4th March.

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