Six Reasons to Join


1) We welcome girls of all levels from age 8 upwards.


2) We play in friendly matches and tournaments throughout the season.

3) Our training sessions are coached by members of the Central London Lacrosse senior team.

4) Our coaches are qualified through the England Lacrosse

5) We offer a great atmosphere where girls can have fun and develop lacrosse skills.

6) We organise club social events.


Our Vision


Team Commitment: Central London Lacrosse Juniors have an enhanced vision for upcoming seasons. We intend to continue the growth of our CLL Juniors and foster a fun, competitive and inclusive environment for all levels of players. We also envisage committed players who routinely attend practice.


Parent Engagement: As we continue growing CLL Juniors, we are looking for parents to become more involved where and when possible.


Below please find areas where volunteers would be greatly appreciated:


  • Helping to facilitate drills during a Saturday practice would support the coaches as the number of players attending has increased
  • Recruitment of new players by sharing information about CLL Juniors with friends and classmates
  • Recruitment Endeavours: Recruiting new players is an important aspect of the Club for multiple reasons. In order play in competitive / friendly matches with an adequate number of players, additional players are required. As the U15 players move on to Central London’s Senior Club, new members are necessary to continue the livelihood of CLL Juniors.
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